How to avoid hidden risks in sports betting?

This is the quote you can't miss if you are a sports bettor: "gambling involves risk". It is particularly relevant since sports betting, like all forms of gambling, involves significant risks, both financial and psychological. Many people know it but few know how to measure its impact.

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Financial addictive risk

One of the most important risks associated with sports betting is addiction. They can become addictive because they provide a sense of fun and excitement. Bettors can feel trapped in a spiral of losing bets that cost them more and more money, without being fully aware of the consequences of their actions.

la double face de cette pièce représente les risques dans les paris sportifs
Risks in sports betting: the dark side.

It seems to be increasingly easy to make money from sports betting or even a supplementary income if you are too easily convinced by the many TV commercials or posters in public transport. Be aware that there is no way to make money without effort.

Limiting risks through introspection

The risk of addiction and financial loss can be limited by setting up money management rules and imposing time and spending limits. It is also wise to remember that online gambling is only a hobby and not to commit money that you cannot afford to lose. Regularly review your gambling behaviour to identify signs of addiction early and seek help if necessary.

Indeed, an introspection of one's gambling practice is the most effective way to highlight the signs of an addiction. To do this, draw up a plan to find out what your initial budget was and whether you respected it. Did you stick to the maximum bets, wins and losses? Did your time spent betting affect your well-being or your daily life?

More and more l’Autorité Nationale des Jeux requires operators to warn their punters of the risks involved, as was the case with the Responsible Gambling Week. Indeed, all operators who have the ANJ licence are obliged to offer you the opportunity to set your own gambling limits on their site and even to exclude you permanently to help you overcome your addictions.

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The ANJ at the service of the bettor.

Don't be alone, be accompanied

It is important to emphasise that there are ways to be supported in case of addiction or heavy financial losses. There are associations and support structures that can help people with a sports betting addiction to overcome their addiction and return to a healthy financial and social lifestyle. It is essential not to hesitate to ask for help if you feel you are in trouble and starting to lose control.

Debt, isolation, dependence, to be helped you can call this number 0808-8020-133. This is a free number offered by Info Service, the call is free and you can call for yourself or for someone close to you. You can choose to chat or ask your questions on their forum if you don't feel comfortable on the phone.

There are other ways: talk to friends, family, or a betting community - they will listen to you, so don't get overwhelmed and stay healthy.

info service
Info-Service: don't be left alone!

In summary, sports betting carries major risks, both financial and psychological. These can be limited by implementing financial management rules, remembering to keep it fun and seeking help if necessary.

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