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Trendex offers you 4 free cards worth 10€!

Trendex a profitable project with low risk? Are you a sports or entertainment enthusiast? You like to invest in the career of your favorite athletes or artists? Have you spotted a very young footballer who could dethrone Mbappé or Haaland in the years to come? If so then Trendex is the ideal platform to turn your passion into profits.

Our objective is to analyze the project : to know how it works, how it is possible to earn money, what are the guarantees and the risks involved.

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What is Trendex? is a revolutionary application that allows you to invest in the careers of famous or upcoming athletes and artists, under contract with the platform. On Trendex, you can buy or sell shares in the future success of your favorite stars, and earn money from their success. With Trendex, you can turn your passion for sports or entertainment into a smart investment.

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Trendex - Share the success of future talents!

Trendex's mission is to democratize the world of finance by giving everyone the opportunity to invest in the careers of the world's greatest talents. Trendex is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for anyone to invest in their favorite stars.

What is the daily life of a Trendex player?

The arrival of new talent

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. (Paris) a new player lands on the platform, this allows you to follow the progress of Trendex in its development but also offers users the possibility to take advantage of exclusive prices at the launch of these new talents.

When they arrive on the platform, the talent shares are available in limited numbers. The price starts at 1€ (usually between 4000 and 6000 shares) and then varies according to supply and demand. We advise you to be on the lookout for these new talents because their starting price defies all competition. In addition to a low price these talents are very well rated by the platform to facilitate their adhesion of the general public.

Lisandru Olmeta future starter at ASM?

Weekly tournaments

The users of the Trendex platform participate twice a week in the Trendex tournament. Your goal? To line up the best possible team of talents in order to be at the top of the ranking.

Currently all players receive a portion of the prize money in the tournament they enter. This means that even if you finish last in the tournament you will be rewarded!

There are currently 5 tournaments :

  • Champion for players who have at least 2500 shares of talents; this month 12 players shared the prizepool of 1.350,00€ €112.50 on average for each player, with the last player pocketing €56.72.
  • Contenders for players who have at least 1000 shares of talents; this month 20 players shared the prizepool of 750,00€ €37.50 on average for each player, with the last player pocketing €18.91.
  • Believers for players who have at least 250 shares of talents; this month 45 players shared the prizepool of 450,00€ €10.00 on average for each player, with the last player pocketing €5.00.
  • Managers for players who have at least 50 shares of talents; this month 142 players shared the prizepool of 300,00€ €2.11 on average for each player, with the last player pocketing €1.06.
  • Rookies for players who have at least 4 shares of talents; this month 290 players shared the prizepool of 150,00€ €0.52 on average for each player, with the last player pocketing €0.26.
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In total it is 3.000,00€ which are paid to the player at each tournament. All amounts may vary and are given as an indication for this month of March 2023, the team is sensitive to the arrival of new players and will tend to increase the endowments in case of massive arrival in the various divisions.

How to make money with Trendex?

Making money with Trendex is simple and straightforward. However, there are many strategies, so we offer you some keys to success that we have experienced before!

The player strategy

This is the easiest and most secure strategy for new players to the platform. All you have to do is to take part in the tournaments that take place twice a week and get paid according to the performance of your talents. Here's how to set it up for free:

  1. Access the site by clicking on the : sponsorship link
    • You can also enter the code : 59gg8cjv5b2z
  2. Fill in your information such as a valid e-mail and a nickname
  3. Check your mailbox and confirm the mail received by the team
  4. Come back to the Trendex site and get 4 talents worth 10€!
  5. Register your team twice a week for the tournament Rookie and pocket your first €.
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It is very important to use the referral link if you want to get your 4 talents, if you miss this step you risk starting the adventure without a team and without access to the tournament Rookie.

As you can see, it is not necessary to spend 1€ to start playing on Trendex. However, you will have to check your account with a KYC from the moment you want to sell your talents or withdraw your profits.

The trader strategy

This is the basic strategy that you can implement very quickly. Simply buy shares in the careers of your favorite athletes or artists and wait for their success to increase the value of your shares. Here's how it works:

  1. Choose the talent you want to invest in. Trendex offers a wide range of options, from established stars to up-and-coming talent.
  2. Buy shares of the targeted talent. You can buy as many shares as you want, depending on how much you are willing to invest.
  3. Track their performance. Track their achievements and successes, as they will have a direct impact on the value of your shares.
  4. Sell your shares at the right time. When the value of your shares increases, you can sell them for a profit. The key is to sell at the right time, before the value starts to fall.
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With Trendex you can earn money from your passion for sports or entertainment and invest in the careers of the world's greatest talents.

The basics of a good strategy

The best strategy to adopt on Trendex will depend on your investment objectives and risk tolerance. Here are some tips to help you develop a winning strategy:

  • Diversify your portfolio: Invest in a variety of talent, from established stars to emerging talent. This will allow you to spread the risk and maximize your chances of success.
  • Monitor the market: Track market conditions and world events that may affect the value of stocks on Trendex. Stay informed and be ready to act quickly if the market changes.
  • Set realistic goals: Don't expect to get rich overnight. Invest in your favorite stars' careers with a long-term perspective and set realistic performance goals.
  • Be patient: Success on Trendex takes time and patience. Don't panic if your stock drops in value and don't sell too quickly. Wait for the market to recover and be ready to sell at the right time.

Other strategies to experiment with

The game offers many strategies to experiment with, we give you some interesting leads:

  • Holder : the talents each have their own income and credit you each month with an additional profit according to the number of shares you have in your possession.
  • Snowball effect : you reinvest your tournament winnings in the acquisition of new talent in order to play in the higher divisions at no additional cost.
  • Top ranking : you buy the best talents of the week to be as high as possible in the ranking and aim for a better profit.
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This list is not exhaustive, but we advise you to test your strategies beforehand, as you would with sports betting: first, in a blank test, and then, if you are convinced, to put it into practice. It is now up to you to develop your own strategy!

Is it too late to join the adventure?

Absolutely not! Trendex is still in its infancy and there is still plenty of room for growth and expansion.

The accessible entrance fee

In fact, this is the perfect time to join the project, since the value of the shares is still relatively low and there are many opportunities to invest in promising talents. Indeed you can buy your first talent for less than 2€ which makes the project accessible to most people!

A growing community

Trendex is constantly adding new stars to its platform and expanding its reach to new markets and audiences. By joining Trendex now, you can be part of a growing community of sports and entertainment enthusiasts who are turning their passion into profits.

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You can join the community via discord by clicking here.

The recent change in gameplay

When Trendex was first launched, the gameplay on the platform was quite different, they offered players to invest in talents in exchange for benefits delivered by the celebrities (concert tickets, VIP access, personalized video etc..).

This first version didn't really work out and the interest of the players wasn't strong enough. It wasn't until a few months ago that tournaments appeared on the platform, which offered much more flexibility for investors.

The old version of Trendex!

An emerging project

Although Trendex has been present for over a year now, we consider that the project is still very early. It evolves in a crypto universe in difficulty or rare are the people who still wish to invest, and in most of the time it is at this moment that the big investors realize their biggest profit.

Growing exposure and the arrival of super-stars!

On the Trendex platform you will find many talents in the making and some super-stars, so one could think that the project has difficulty in convincing, but on the contrary. The strategy of Trendex is first of all to convince small talent to test its model and offer it to more experienced talent.

And this is confirmed since Rudy Gobert, the most paid French player in the NBA has been convinced and Trendex will soon release Rudy Gobert's shares with some surprises!
Other famous celebrities such as a French soccer world champion should soon announce their support to the project but we keep the surprise!

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What are the guarantees and risks?

As with any investment, there are guarantees and risks associated with using Trendex. Here are some of the main risks and guarantees to keep in mind:


  • Transparency: is declared on the site société.com, a French company with 2 years of seniority, a SIREN number: 894659069 and in activity.
  • Security: Trendex uses state-of-the-art security measures to protect users' funds and personal information. All transactions are encrypted and secure, and user funds are stored in cold wallets to prevent hacking or theft.
  • Liquidity: Trendex offers a liquid market, which means you can buy or sell shares at any time, depending on market conditions.

Trendex is still Web 2.0 at the time I write the article but they have the will to base themselves on blockchain technology, which would guarantee transparency and fairness for all users. All transactions and investments will be recorded on the blockchain, accessible to all in the near future.


  • Volatility: Like any market, the value of stocks on Trendex can be volatile and subject to fluctuations. The value of stocks can rise or fall based on a variety of factors, such as talent performance, market conditions and world events.
  • Regulation: Trendex operates in a legal grey area, as it is not regulated by any government or financial institution. This means that there is a risk of regulatory crackdown or legal problems in the future.
  • Competition: Trendex is not the only platform allowing users to invest in the careers of athletes or artists. There are other platforms and marketplaces that offer similar services, which can affect the value of stocks on Trendex.
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Of course we advise you to be comfortable with your investment, you are free to play free to play with the strategies seen above or to invest a sum of money if you believe in the opportunity.

Who are the investors supporting the project?

The talents

For each release of a new talent, will have concluded beforehand a partnership with this talent. On average the contracts have a duration of 10 years to be on the long term. This means that the talents engage a certain responsibility with this project.

The American investment fund

Trendex is incubated at Y-Combinator, an international financing company for startups. They have been present in the investment environment since 2005 and have invested in more than 3,500 companies (like Airbnb, Stripe or Coinbase to name a few). Trendex received 500K$ of investment from them 12 months ago.

Trendex has other notable partners such as: The Sandbox, Jellysmack, Webedia, etc...

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My feedback

The objective is to deliver a critical opinion that is objective and constructive in order to highlight both the shadows, the points of improvement and the major assets of the platform.

Negative points

We start with what should be improved on the platform:

  • Transparency of the talent buying/selling market. When new talents are launched, the site suffers a little from its notoriety and the buying/selling process lacks fluidity. It is difficult when we put a talent on sale to understand where our sale order is. For example, I had put a talent for sale at 1.62€, the purchase price was 1.82€ and I had to wait about ten minutes to get the confirmation of the sale of my talent. Like a trading platform, users could get more visibility on the different buy/sell orders of talents (the first 3 buy/sell prices).
  • Transparency on the algorithm of the talents. It is easy to understand that talents are categorized and their scores are based on certain criteria that are displayed (number of followers, Youtube views, sports performances) but it would deserve to be much more detailed to explicitly understand the overall talent score. Sometimes players feel that some ratings are not updated correctly. Understanding the rating would also make it easier for players to point out mistakes to the development team.
  • Ban bots for good. Unfortunately, as in any promising project and especially in the first purchases of talents, there are people present only to gain a financial advantage at the expense of the classic player. As an experience, few users have been able to take advantage of a launch price of a talent at 1€, rather realistic from 1,10/1,20€ (which remains a very good deal). The team is aware of this problem and works regularly to limit the impact of these bots.
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Positive points

  • A very intuitive platform. Although it has the will to insert itself in a Web3.0 universe, Trendex has the merit to simplify to the maximum its handling. Players quickly understand the principle and the nature of the game, realize their first profits and enjoy following the evolution of their talents. It is simple, efficient and the players are there for the long term.
  • An unbeatable entry price. Players can acquire talents for 1€ at launch and on the secondary market prices vary between 1,50€ and 6€ which allows any budget to acquire the talent of their choice. Players can deposit in crypto or from a bank account, convenient and very fast to start playing. Catering to a large community is a real asset in terms of getting the platform adopted by more people.
  • The security of a French company. The fact that the company is domiciled in France (Corsica) is a real asset that guarantees quality and seriousness. The managers are available, concerned about their community and do not hesitate to make several media appearances, whether on television or on youtube channels. In my opinion, it is very reassuring for investors to know their partners.
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We could discuss many other aspects of the platform such as: its number of users, its prospects of evolution, the transaction fees, the remuneration of Trendex, the number of shares attributed to each talent and many others. Ask us if you want a second article to detail these points or if some aspects still seem too vague to you!

In the end, we understand quite quickly that the Trendex platform has many advantages and that its disadvantages are ultimately gameplay improvements, due to a company in full development and still young. The platform is concerned about the opinions of its community, it has already changed its economic model so it will not hesitate to make the necessary adjustments.

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For your chance to win your share of the €100, we invite you to visit our official Twitter to validate your participation!


Please note that this blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. Investing in the career of an athlete or artist involves risk and is not for everyone. The Apprentice-Pearner cannot be held responsible for any investment. You are solely responsible for your investments. Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decision, especially if you are not comfortable with managing your finances.

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This is an exclusive sponsorship offer as of March 2023 and is not guaranteed to be available in the long term, so it's up to you to take advantage of this opportunity.

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